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Jimi Wanjigi gifts Kirinyaga bishop new car

Safina presidential candidate Jimmy Wanjigi has accused the Jubilee administration of heavily taxing Kenyans to raise funds to run the government. He claimed that the government was broke and could not function.
Speaking at the African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA) at Kutus town in Mwea Constituency, Mr Wanjigi said prices of foodstuffs, farm inputs and fuel have gone up due to high taxes imposed by the government.
“Kenyans are tired of being oppressed by the government that they elected,” he said.
During the Church service, Mr Wanjigi presented a brand new vehicle to the area, AIPCA Bishop, the Reverend Peter Mwangi, saying he bought the Bishop the vehicle to enable him serve well in church.
Mr Wanjigi called for the change of leadership to liberate Kenyans, majority of whom he said were wallowing in abject poverty.
He promised to revive the economy and end the suffering of Kenyans once elected the Head of State.
Mr Wanjigi appealed to Kenyans to rally behind him, saying he was ready to serve them and transform the country.
He asked Kenyans to reject his competitors, the Azimio One Kenya Alliance flag bearer, Raila Odinga and Kenya Kwanza Alliance presidential candidate, William Ruto saying they have been in the country’s leadership for so long and they didn’t achieve anything for Kenyans.
“My two rivals have served in the government for decades but Kenyans continue suffering. They have nothing to offer,” he said and lashed out at President Kenyatta for endorsing Mr Odinga as his preferred successor.
“President Kenyatta has a hidden agenda. He wants to continue running the country by proxy and that is why he is campaigning for Odinga. The President should retire peacefully and leave Kenyans alone to elect a leader of their choice to succeed him,” he said.
However, he condemned an incident in which Mr Odinga was attacked while on a campaign trail in Uasin Gishu.
Mr Wanjigi said violent campaigns were outdated and should not be discouraged and called for political tolerance, ahead of the August 9 polls.
“All candidates have a right to campaign in any place of the country without interference. I abhor political intolerance, ” he said.
The Kirinyaga Safina senatorial aspirant, Peter Kathanga echoed Mr Wanjigi’s sentiments.
Mr Kathanga drummed up support for Wanjigi, describing him as a man of the people.
And the Kirinyaga Safina gubernatorial aspirant Peter Gitau accused the government of failing to protect farmers from exploitation by Water Resources Management Authority.
“Farmers are being forced to pay a lot of money for Irrigation by WARMA and the government has not spoken about it,” he said.