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Josh Wonder reacts to criticism for hanging out with ex lover’s friend

TikTok sensation Josh Wonder has come out to silence his haters who are criticizing him for hanging out with his ex girlfriend, Ajib Gathoni’s friend.

The friend in particular, Kendi Christine, who is also a content creator was recently spotted in a video with Josh Wonder on vacation having a good time, a sight which rubbed off netizens the wrong way.

According to only commentators, a loyal friend should not hang out with an ex lover because it causes friction in the friendship and contributes ot conflict of interest.

However, Josh Wonder and Kendi Christine did not let other people’s opinions influence their friendship as they both responded to the matter saying that they have freedom to be friends with whomever they so please.

Josh Wonder responded saying; “I donno maahn I knew Kendi long before anyone else in the picture. The rest is pure bull****.”

Kendi Christine on the other hand added; “This is news? I’m sure I can be friends with whoever I want. May it be Josh or Ajib. Meanwhile yours comments>entertainment.”

Josh Wonder and Ajib Gathoni broke up around March 2023. A month later, Josh revealed that in the days leading up to the split, Ajib had attempted to secretly have him kicked out of the house that he paid rent for.

According to Josh, he had been the one responsible for ensuring that rent was paid and had been the one listed as the tenant in the lease agreement. However, as the relationship deteriorated, Ajib had attempted to have all documents changed to her name, effectively making her the owner of the house and giving her the authority to ask Josh to leave.

“Previously during the relationship I’m the one who used to ensure rent was paid and anything else to do with the house.

“At this time when things were going sour, person X decided to call the owner of the house, telling the owner, to change every piece of information in the tenant agreement from under my name to hers,” Josh told his fans.

Fortunately, Josh had been smart enough to ensure that the lease was in his name and that his brother was listed as the next of kin.

He expressed his relief in hindsight that he had “played it smart and made sure that the next of kin [indicated in any of his documents] is my brother. Right now I’d be homeless.”

“She did not know that the house we were in did not have any of her details on them. The owner was very shocked. He told her, ‘I don’t even know who you are, first of all, and can I talk to Josh!’ and when the owner was talking to me I told him I also don’t know what is happening,” said Josh.

Ajib had confirmed the breakup with Josh two weeks prior to his live video.