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Pritty Vishy narrates how her mother survived a harrowing accident

Content creator Purity Vishenwa, widely known as Pritty Vishy, is grappling with concern and relief after her mother, who recently returned to Kenya from Saudi Arabia, experienced a harrowing road accident.

The incident unfolded as her mother was driving a white van towards home when the brakes malfunctioned, leading the vehicle to land in a ditch at an undisclosed location.

Taking to Instagram, Pritty Vishy shared the details of the unsettling incident. “What happened, her brakes started to bother her, and that’s how she lost direction and found herself in a hole,” she explained. The 22-year-old beauty added, “But at least she’s getting better mentally because she hasn’t been well.”

Accompanying her statement was a video capturing the aftermath of the accident, showing her mother’s damaged vehicle being loaded onto a truck for transportation.

Offering more insights into the lead-up to the accident, the ex-girlfriend of singer Simple Boy provided a timeline of events. She initially planned to have her mother pick her up on Friday but rescheduled for Thursday. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the plan changed again, and her mother arrived earlier than expected.

Recounting the pivotal moments, Pritty Vishy explained, “So around four o’clock at night, she called me and decided that she had decided to leave that day because she didn’t want to delay me the next day, and I said it was fine.” However, the unexpected turn of events occurred when her mother failed to answer calls while struggling to exit the vehicle.

“I waited for her for about two hours and had to call to find out where she had arrived because I was surprised that she arrived within 30 minutes. She did not pick up her phone but I continued to call, not knowing why she was not picking up; she was struggling to get out of the car,” Pritty Vishy revealed.

The situation took a distressing turn when her mother finally answered the call, tearfully revealing the accident. Pritty Vishy rushed to the scene and found her mother shaken but fortunately not seriously injured.

Pritty Vishy’s mother had returned to Kenya in October of the previous year after a five-year stint working in Saudi Arabia, adding another layer of relief to the miraculous escape from the recent accident.