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Jua Cali: Why Njugush isnt funny

In a recent Twitter conversation, Genge artiste Jua Cali has found himself at the centre of controversy after expressing his opinions on popular comedian Njugush, leading to a backlash from fans and followers.

The exchange began when Jua Cali responded to several posts, where he shared his perspective on Njugush’s comedic abilities, suggesting that he lacks humuor altogether.

One particular post stated that Njugush excels in skits but falls short in stand-up comedy.

While acknowledging their friendship, Jua Cali remarked:”Njugush is my guy, but comedy is not his forte. He simply isn’t funny! When it comes to skits, though, Njugush is exceptional. But in terms of stand-up, no.”

In another post, he explained that he often engages in conversations with fellow comedian Butita, and understands his sentiments regarding the art of stand-up comedy.

“Stand-up comedy is an art form that requires comprehensive study before diving into it. It’s an incredibly clever art form, and it’s not for everyone,” Jua Cali stated.

His criticism did not sit well with some of their followers leading to massive backlash.

Jua Cali has since issued an apology to Njugush and his fans, acknowledging that his remarks did not sit well with some of them.

“I have been a huge fan of stand-up comedy as an art form ever since I watched Richard Pryor on video tapes, which was a long time ago. Then came Eddie Murphy, who excelled on the stand-up stage. While there are similarities, the main difference between musicians and stand-up comedians is that we musicians can create content once and perform it on stage hundreds of times. But with comedians, they constantly have to create new material because repeating a joke twice is no longer funny.”

Jua Cali continued, highlighting the importance of a stand-up comedian having a team of talented writers to ensure their material remains fresh and structured.

He praised comedians YY and Butita as examples of exceptional writers and recalled encouraging Eddie Butita to pursue one-hour specials during a flight to Dubai a few years ago.

Creating content constantly for a one-hour set is no easy task and requires a dedicated and talented team.

A stand-up comedian must be clever, quick-witted, and able to engage the audience on the fly, along with a certain swagger on stage. Jua Cali emphasized the need for studying great comedians such as the Kings of Comedy, including Bernie Mac, Steve Harvey, Martin Lawrence, Jamie Foxx, and Dave Chappelle, who are considered beasts on stage.

He encouraged comedians to tell stories from the streets, as such narratives will always remain king.

He also emphasized that curse words, when used appropriately, add a certain thrill to stand-up comedy.

Jua Cali expressed his admiration for comedians pushing the art form, including the fans of Njugush, apologizing for any harshness conveyed in his previous tweet.

He believes that with practice, Njugush has the potential to become one of the greats in the industry.

Comedian Njugush and his wife Wakavinye are currently outside the country doing international shows.

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