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Nikita Kering’ responds to haters after Coke Studio experience

Coke Studio’s recent announcement of Kenyan artists Khaligraph Jones and Nikita Kering’ as representatives for this season has stirred up a wave of mixed reactions across online platforms.

The unveiling of these two musicians as Kenya’s representatives on Thursday, 6th June has sparked heated discussions and debates among music enthusiasts and fans.

One of the notable voices in the discussion was controversial singer Willy Paul, who took to social media to question the selection process.

In a direct exchange with Khaligraph Jones, Willy Paul raised concerns about the criteria used by Coke Studio in choosing artists.

He questioned why he, along with other artists like Wakadinali and Otile Brown were not selected despite what he perceived as their popularity and influence.

Willy Paul’s remarks suggested a possible skepticism towards the fairness of the selection process, hinting at the existence of a “cartel-based system.”

The conversation spilled over to Twitter, where Nikita Kering’ shared a post shedding light on the subjective nature of the music industry.

In her statement, she highlighted that unlike athletes who can compete for gold and determine a clear winner, artists engage in a subjective art form where individual expression and connection with the audience matter most.

She encouraged fellow artists to focus on their unique brand of magic and create with the intention of connecting with people who resonate with their music.

Khaligraph Jones didn’t hold back in his response, stating:

“The cartel you’re referring to is called Khali Cartel, and I am the chairman. Send your CV, and after reviewing it, I might consider you, maybe in 2030, because I’ll still be here until 2029.”

The interaction received significant interest from fans and followers, drawing numerous responses.

Lucilucilla7897 advised Willy Paul to prioritize authentic music and minimize seeking attention.

“Your approach to creating music is deeply flawed, and it’s perplexing how you consistently perceive yourself as the best. It’s high time you reconsidered your methods because Nikita has surpassed you by a significant margin, my friend.”

Sayianka remarked, “You possess talent, Willy, but your personal life requires some fine-tuning.”

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