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Why Jubilee campaign slogans are trending on Twitter

Kenyans have taken to social media to castigate the Jubilee government for failure to tame the skyrocketing cost of living despite their reassuring campaign pledges in 2017.

Netizens are now using Jubilee’s re-election slogans to mock the UhuRuto government.

Popular slogans such as ‘Wembe ni ule ule’, ‘Kumira Kumira‘ and ‘Tano Tena’ have made a come back on Twitter,  bringing to the fore the growing public disillusionment in the Jubilee government.

On Twitter, the users are using the slogan ‘Wembe ni ule ule’ to refer to the agony Kenyans are going through due to high fuel prices.

Here are some of the hilarious tweets.

The Afrikan, a tweet user said: ” How “Wembe ni Ule Ule” has come full Circle, I remember exactly one year ago, SCOK nullified the election of president Uhuru who promised us that ‘wembe ni ule ule.’ First forward Sept 1,2018, everyone is paying VAT on including those who had the wembe.”

George Rama tweeted: “Wembe ni ule ule… Tax will be 16% whether people like it or not. Nobody will protest as the government has bought new teargas and demo gears. Mambo yanabadilika.”

Moses Ngetich, a self confessed Jubilee supporter, said: “We have now known the meaning of the phrase “Wembe ni ule ule”..Hapa tumechezwa.We are being killed indirectly!”


Shiviske shivisi quipped: “This is the worst time to live in Kenya. Gad ndio hiyo ishafika 2300…kplc of course has to maximise on this…don’t even start on transportation… But salary ni ile ile. Wembe ni ule ule meant, the poor remain poor and the rich remain rich.”

The Jubilee supporters are not spared the mockery either in the ‘Wembe ni ule ule‘ joke.

Netizens took a swipe at the excitement that gripped Jubilee supporters whenever these slogans were bandied around.

Some of the supporters expressed regret for being too excited with the hyped slogans.

Robert Mwangi Maina did not mince his words when he posted: “Wembe Ni ule ule…I regret voting @UKenyatta and his government… But anyway nothing much we can do for now..”

Branson Kelvin(Omwami) had this to say: “Greedy politicians. I pitty those who we’re making noise for us with their tano tena..wembe ni ule ule then use the wembe to cut down the cost of fuel.”

Bonface maina pessimisticly tweeted: “So when we said ‘wembe ni ule ule’ you meant to shave us like this without fuel.”

Eugene Wakhungu sarcastically posted: “These guys who were shouting Tano Tena and Kumira Kumira have just come to terms that Wembe Ni Ule Ule at the Petrol Stations”

Alex Obuya™ wondered: “What is the price in central and rift valley ama wembe ni ule ule??”