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Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale lists his wives, 17 children

By Winnie Mabel February 7th, 2024 2 min read

Common banter on Kenya’s social media platforms at the end of every academic year is that Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale celebrates the performance of one of his children annually.

He always, took to social media to congratulate his offspring for bringing him pride for achieving great marks at the end of primary and secondary academic national examinations, leaving Kenyans wondering how many children he has.

Well, he put that matter to rest when he listed off the names of his wives and all 17 of his children during a press conference earlier this week as he addressed the circumstances surrounding the gory death of his caretaker who took care of Senator Khalwale’s now deceased bull, Inasio.

His address also came in light of allegations by Kakamega tycoon Cleophas Shimanyula that the caretaker, Mr Kizito Amukune Moi, had intimate relations with one of Khalwale’s wives, hence the reason behind his death.

“The wives I have are specific and are as follows: Wife number one is Adelaide Khawlwale who died 5 years ago. She is the mother of my first three children- all copyrights of mine, no doubt about their paternity. Josephine Khalwale, my second wife, she is the mother of three of my children- one who has completed university, and two still at the university. All copyrights, there has been no complaints about their paternity.

Three, Gloria Khalwale, who is the mother of eight of my children. These 8, some are at the university and others at the lower levels of education. They are all my copyrights. They have never had their paternity challenged. And finally, Diana Khalwale, mother of three, all of them in lower levels of education. The three children are my copyright,” explained Senator Khalwale.

In 2023, Senator Khalwale celebrated Gift Atubukha Khalwale for scoring a B+ in her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education at St Brigids Kiminini. In 2022, once again, he celebrated the success of two of his children- Flavia Shimuli Khalwale and Stephen Kapten Khalwale for passing in their KCSE with A- and C+ respectively from Alliance Girls High School and Kakamega High School.

No year has passed by without netizens awaiting celebratory remarks from the Senator on the performance of one of his children. It remains to be seen whom he will celebrate at the end of this year.

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