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Actress Kamencu hopes her nude scene makes it to your TV screen

Kenyan actress Kingwa Kamencu hopes her  “Madame President” series will eventually grace TV screens.

The actress, a former presidential candidate, caused a stir online on Thursday after sharing a scene in her series where she appears naked on set.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News on Thursday, the actress was optimistic Kenyan broadcasters will be tolerant enough with the content of her ‘Madame President‘ series.

“Yeah we hope to get the series on TV eventually,” said Kamencu.

“I am encouraged because the Kenyan media is slowly welcoming ‘edgy’ stuff.”


“Most of the nude images (in the series) are blurred. You can’t see much. It isn’t showing much, so that can be classified under parental guidance.”

Kamencu also told her audience to expect more nude appearances, confirming that the production team has a target of coming up with between 12 to 24 episodes of the series.

Only two episodes have been produced so far at an estimated cost of half a million shillings.

Kamencu, who declared her interest to contest for the Presidency in Kenya in 2013 but failed to make it to the ballot, said she is the brains behind this project.

Madame President’, according to Kamencu, depicts a story of hope and illustrates that “there is life even after your dream doesn’t come off.”

She thanked her online followers for the “overwhelming” support following the release of the first two episodes of the series.