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Did Githeri Man black out and lose his new smartphone?

Martin Kamotho, popularly known as Githeri Man, has denied rumours on social media that he lost his brand new Sh85,000 Samsung S8 after blacking out.

This is after the emergence of a viral photo of a drunk man alleged to be him lying by the roadside of Kayole where he lives.

According to social media users who shared the pictures, the man who had blacked out after heavy drinking, a few days after being gifted a piece of land and the smartphone, was none other than the popular Githeri Man.


But Kamotho, in an Instagram post under his new handle ‘@Realgitheriman’, refuted the claims, displaying his phone as proof.

“Tukubaliane. Hakuna vile naweza waangusha chini kama wakenya. Hiyo risto ya kulewa na kupoteza simu sio ukweli. Simu zote ziko hapa. Yule anaeneza hiyo uvumi sijui ako na niya Gani. Nazidi kuwashukura wakenya wote,” he posted.

The account, which was opened on the day he was gifted the phones by Safaricom, has amassed more than 10,000 followers.