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Kamene Goro reveals the qualities of Oga Obinna’s ideal woman

Media personality Kamene Goro, a close friend of popular comedian Oga Obinna, has shared the secret to winning the heart of the renowned funnyman and ensuring a lasting love connection. 

Kamene, in a recent video, disclosed that the comedian possesses substantial wealth but holds little interest in beautiful women who are overly talkative.

Having been friends with Obinna for a considerable period, Kamene described Obinna as a discerning individual who evaluates people based on their appearance and behaviour.

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She cautioned women who are interested in dating Obinna against seeking financial assistance directly from him, because Obinna willingly provides monetary support without being prompted.

“One thing you should know, Obinna is someone who will judge you based on your words. If you are a dem talking about things like sheesha, you start asking him for money… listen to me, Obinna has money, he will give you money but don’t ask him. You’re not supposed to start pretending, babe, you’re going to pay for that uber. Stop completely,” Kamene said.

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Kamene further stressed that Obinna admires women who share similar interests and perspectives with him. Engaging in meaningful conversations and being aware of current events are crucial in capturing Obinna’s attention. 

“Obinna loves a woman with a head and thoughts like his, so learn how to have a conversation, know what is going on in the world, not everything will be about clubs and don’t drink alcohol and forget yourself, don’t smoke sheesha, marijuana or cigarettes. Don’t ask for money, love children and then be a good lover, and don’t come to him if you have bad nails,” she said.

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