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Davido caught pants down as his pregnant ‘girlfriend’ leaks private chats

Nigerian singer and songwriter David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has found himself embroiled in another cheating scandal after his ‘girlfriend’ in the US, Anita Brown aka Ninatheelite, leaked their private conversations.

Brown has made public claims that she is pregnant with Davido’s child and expressed her unwillingness to terminate the pregnancy.

In a series of social media posts, she also revealed that she first met Davido in 2017 while on vacation in Dubai. She also stated that their relationship has been on and off since then.

Brown has also told off netizens who are accusing her of being a home wrecker, saying she has no knowledge of Davido’s marital status. Davido is married to Chioma Rowland, with whom he has one child.

“What is killing me is this married man narrative. Please cut it out because I didn’t know he was married. Go to his page, doesn’t he look like he is married? Rest in Peace to the Child. People knew about the baby but didn’t know that he got married,” she said.

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“I’m in America, and nobody here knew. So sorry it’s not on the blogs and it’s not a big thing, and if a man is not telling me he is married, then I don’t know, and I was not looking for it,” she added.

In addition to her statements, Brown leaked private chats with Davido, providing further details about their relationship. The leaked conversations demonstrate their frequent communication.

Brown further clarified that she had no intention of marrying Davido or ruining his marriage; that she only wants to set the record straight.

“I was not looking forward to getting married right now. I found out later that I’m actually pregnant, so you are all way off… Nobody is out here to try and mess up somebody’s marriage that is already messed up, and I don’t wanna take up anyone’s space,” she said.

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She expressed her frustration about the online bullying she has been subjected to.

“… I’m gonna be bullied on Instagram about things they don’t know because I have been peaceful trying to save face for other people, but no one is defending my name. I don’t need clout.”

Brown also shared a video of herself taking a pregnancy test to substantiate her claims and dispel accusations that she is seeking attention using Davido’s name.

Brown’s narrative contradicts her earlier statements when she denied reports of being pregnant with Davido’s child, claiming her Instagram account had been hacked.

As the controversy unfolds, fans and netizens are eager to see how Davido will address the situation and whether any further developments will arise.

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