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Karen Nyamu advice to Zuchu and Zari over Diamond love drama

The ongoing drama between socialite Zari Hassan, Diamond Platnumz, Zuchu, and Shakib Lutaaya Cham has garnered attention from various quarters, including nominated Senator Karen Nyamu, who recently shared her thoughts on the matter.

In a series of Instagram stories and posts, Karen Nyamu expressed her disagreement with Zuchu for allegedly ending her relationship with Diamond Platnumz over what she perceived as disrespect.

Karen Nyamu contends that a little jealousy in such relationships is normal but shouldn’t warrant a breakup.

“OfficialZuchu and Zari’s hubby, why are y’all overreacting,” Karen questioned.

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She emphasized that jealousy is a common factor in close relationships and shouldn’t lead to drastic actions like breaking up.

“I see nothing wrong with the video that’s making you end your relationships. It’s the most harmless video. A little jealousy is no grounds for a breakup,” she captioned.

The recent drama unfolded when Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz were spotted socializing together, sparking rumors and speculations about the status of their relationships with their respective partners.

Shakib Lutaaya Cham, Zari’s husband, and Zuchu, Diamond’s alleged ex-girlfriend, reacted differently to the situation.

Shakib made a drastic move on social media by deleting all traces of his relationship with Zari and posting a cryptic message hinting at deeper sentiments.

Meanwhile, Zuchu’s alleged decision to end her relationship with Diamond has sparked debates among fans.

Some have expressed disappointment in Shakib’s actions, and others speculated that the entire saga might be fabricated for their Netflix show, “Young Famous and African.”

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Diamond said he has received advice to set aside his pride and seek forgiveness.

Despite their separation, the duo was spotted performing together over the weekend.

Acknowledging the counsel he received, Diamond stated:

“My brother Manara advised me to set aside my pride and visit Zanzibar to seek forgiveness, which could lead to reconciliation. I’ve come to realize the validity of his words, and I’m currently en route to Zanzibar to initiate that process.”

Expanding on his intentions, he solicited assistance from his followers, stating:

“I seek your guidance on the best approach to seek forgiveness. You can also participate by attending the Full Moon Party. Those within the province can contribute by sharing this message and commenting on her Instagram.”