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Kate Actress ex-Phil on why he will never get another woman pregnant

Philip Karanja, ex-husband of popular actress Kate Actress, has candidly shared his experiences with fatherhood.

The father of two revealed his decision not to have more children following a scarily moment in the delivery room during the birth of their daughter.

In a recent YouTube conversation with his friends, including comedian Njugush, Abel Mutua, and Judy Nyawira, Philip delved into fatherhood, reflecting on his role as a parent over the past eight years to his teenage son and four-year-old daughter.

Recalling the day of his daughter’s birth, Philip recounted the anticipation and anxiety leading up to the moment.

“I remember the day vividly when Kate went into labor. I had prayed for her to deliver at night when there would be less traffic. When she woke me up at 4 am saying her water broke, I was initially confused, but thankfully, we were prepared. We waited for her best friend to arrive,” he shared.

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Philip expressed his awe and admiration for women’s strength and resilience during childbirth, emphasizing how witnessing the delivery process firsthand profoundly impacted him.

“I was there in the delivery room, and when I saw our baby for the first time around 10-11 am, I couldn’t help but cry. Women are incredibly strong, and seeing what they endure during childbirth changed my perspective entirely,” he said.

The experience left a lasting impression on Philip, leading him to make a solemn vow never to impregnate another woman.

He says he does not want ever to see someone else go through the same experience.

“After witnessing the entire process, I made a decision that I am never going to impregnate another lady ever again. Why would I subject someone’s daughter to that ordeal again? No, I refuse to put any human being through such a challenging and life-threatening experience,” he expressed passionately.

Philip is currently single after ending his marriage with Kate Actress, in 2023.