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Kenrazy denies claim that Sosuun left their matrimonial home after in-laws drama

By Thomas Matiko December 22nd, 2020 1 min read

Rapper Kenrazy has denied claims that his wife of 10 years, fellow rapper Sosuun, had left their matrimonial home following their widely reported split.

Speaking for the first time since Sosuun made it public that she had decided to end their marriage allegedly due to toxic in-laws, Kenrazy said he was working resolving their matter.

“Since the day (she made it public) I never gave up, I never stopped talking to her,” Kenrazy said in an interview on Citizen Radio.

When asked if she had in deed left their matrimonial home, Kenrazy was quick to deny.

“Aezi ondoka , sisi tumejenga nyumba kubwa nani anaondoka we just not together in the same place but I believe with the effort I have been putting on both sides everything will be okay,” he added.

In November, Sosuun shocked her fans with a long post announcing she had decided to end things with her better half for the sake of her mental health and that of their two daughters.

She blamed her in-laws for her decision saying she had for a decade tried very hard to be a good wife to him but in return his kin had allegedly soiled things between her and her in-laws.

She accused a particular relative of her hubby for making her life miserable hence her decision to walk out of their marital union that has been blessed with two beautiful daughters.