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Planned power interruptions in Kiambu, Migori and Nyeri counties

Residents of select areas within Kiambu, Migori, and Nyeri counties have been informed by Kenya Power about a planned electricity interruption scheduled for Wednesday, April 10.

This temporary outage is necessary to facilitate essential system maintenance.

According to a notice issued by the company on Tuesday evening, the power interruption will occur during specific time frames: from 9 am to 5 pm in Kiambu County, from 9 am to 3 pm in Migori County, and from 8 am to 5 pm in Nyeri County.

In Migori County, the areas to be affected include Uriri, Bware, and Oyani. Customers within Uriri, Kamsaki, Koigo, Bware, Kisangura, Kolwal, Kakrao, God Jope, Oyani, Ugari, Warisia, Stellah, Magongo, Rayudhi, Nyasare, Chamkombe, Pinnacle Plaza, Kimadui, and adjacent areas will experience the power outage.

In Kiambu County, the affected residents and businesses are located within the Kibichoi, Gathiruini, and Githioro areas.

The affected areas include Marige, Kibichoi, Kigumo, Hurllingam, Gititu Gathugu, Komothai, Gathiruini Githioro, and adjacent customers.

In Nyeri County, Kenya Power has scheduled the planned interruption in the Kiriaini and Kamune areas.

Affected locations comprise Gatugi Market, the entirety of Kiriaini town, Munaini DC’s office, Kamacharia and Kagumoini markets, and the Diara Coffee factory.

Additionally, Kanjama, Kora, Kamune, Iruri, and Thuita markets, along with Kiaga and Karuthi Coffee factories, will be affected.

Schools such as Karuthi Secondary, Giathugu Iruri Secondary, and Umbui Primary, and institutions like Gikira Hydro Auxiliary will also experience the interruption, alongside adjacent customers.