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Eric Omondi to help Ras Bhingi get a job after house got flooded

Comedian Eric Omondi has extended a helping hand to internet sensation Stephen Bhingi, famously known as Ras Bhingi, following a distressing incident where Bhingi’s house was flooded.

The flood incident, which garnered attention after a video surfaced on April 9, prompted Eric Omondi to take action.

Sharing Bhingi’s plight via his Instagram account, Eric urged the public to share the creator’s contact details.

Bhingi,  known for his distinctive style of dressing and his outspoken advocacy for the legalisation of marijuana, found himself grappling with the aftermath of the flooding. This comes weeks after his much-anticipated meeting with President William Ruto on March 18.

“I’m going to State House, man...I’m going to tell him (Ruto) that these days things are messed up. The hustle is dry.”

Bhingi has over 100,000 followers on his TikTok account, and his recent post received more than 17,000 likes and was shared by 88 people.

In an interview with Nairobi News, Eric Omondi expressed his commitment to improving Bhingi’s circumstances.

“I will help him. If he does not have a job, we will look for something for him to do. He has been entertaining us and so, he should be happy otherwise he will languish and fall into depression. I want to help where I can. That is what ‘Sisi Kwa Sisi’ is about, it’s about Kenyans coming through for each other through my platform.”

The viral video shared by Bhingi depicted the grim reality of his situation.

In the footage, he showcases his flooded residence, expressing his dismay at the hardship he faces.

“This is the life we go through. Just see my house. Real life, it’s night and I do not know what to do since the rains haven’t stopped. This life that we live is so hard, I don’t even know what to say,” Bhingi said.

Despite his challenges, Bhingi’s presence in the digital sphere has earned him recognition, including an invitation to the State House for discussions on content monetization across social media platforms.

Bhingi, renowned for his Rasta-inspired TikTok content, has captivated audiences with his dance moves and reggae renditions.

However, Bhingi’s recent struggles, including homelessness due to inadequate housing conditions, have cast a shadow on his otherwise vibrant presence.

Dismissing rumours of financial assistance from President Ruto, Bhingi revealed his ongoing hardship, stating:

“I have been sleeping out because I cannot afford a decent house. After paying rent, the same house is leaking so I do not have a place to live. The house is in Thika Kiandutu. When I met the president, he did not give me anything. He might remember me in the future,” Bhingi told Radio47.