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Tiktoker and reggae fanatic Stephen Bhingi finally meets Ruto

Reggae fanatic Stephen Bhingi, who has been trending with his unique style of content on social media has finally met with President William Ruto.

Mr Bhingi started pushing his content on the TikTok platform where he could be seen dancing while hanging around with boda boda riders at Githurai Roundabout.

The reggae fanatic was born in 1997 and has been appearing in several interviews.

At one point, Mr Bhingi teased his followers that he was on his way to State House to meet with  President Ruto, where he would tell him how the cost of living has affected the lives of common people.

Naenda State House manzee…naenda kumwabia siku hizi kumearibika joo. Hakuna kanyamu.” (

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The Swahili phrase translates to:

“I’m going to State House, man…I’m going to tell him (Ruto) that these days things are messed up. The hustle is dry.”

Bhingi has over 100,000 followers on his TikTok account, and his recent post received more than 17,000 likes and was shared by 88 people.

President William Ruto with the Facebook Management Team on Monetisation and Kenyan content creators.
President William Ruto with the Facebook Management Team on Monetisation and Kenyan content creators. PHOTO| PCS

On Monday, March 18, at State House, when the President met with the Facebook Management Team on Monetisation, Bhingi was among the guests invited for the announcement of monetisation of content on Facebook, Reels, and Instagram.

Speaking at the State House over the move to monetise content creation, the President said that the move will see the youth in the country earning from their hard work.

The President also said that there is a need to consider the expansion of the digital space to make it easy for monetisation.

“The eligibility criteria will now be available for content creators in Kenya. That is a big step in making sure our content creators, the people who operate in the digital space have an opportunity to monetise their talents to give themselves an additional revenue,” Dr Ruto said.

Other content creators such as Eddie Butita, Jaymo Ule Msee, and Jacky Vike better known as Awinja were also invited to State House.

Monetising content has been one of the President’s agenda in ensuring that the youth in the country are benefiting from their skills and talents.