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Victor Peace opens up on struggles of dating after 7 years of marriage

Tech-savvy and renowned content creator Victor Peace Karanja took a nostalgic trip down memory lane, reflecting on his whirlwind journey through love, marriage, and the perplexing dating scene of today.

With a candid recount of his past experiences, Victor unveiled the startling transitions he encountered upon rejoining the dating arena post-divorce.

“I got married really young, I was about 24,” Victor reminisces, peeling back the layers of his romantic past.

“But getting out of marriage 7 years later, it was crazy coming back to the streets.”

In a video via his TikTok page, Victor shared the perplexing dynamics of contemporary dating, shedding light on the emergence of “situationships” and the infamous waiting game.

“Back in the day, if you liked someone and they liked you back, all you needed to do was either invite them for lunch or ice cream,” he recalls wistfully.

“But now, there’s this thing called situationships, which stands between friends with benefits and a relationship. That’s wild for me.”

Venturing further into the intricacies of modern courtship, Victor unravelled the enigma of the waiting game.

“The other thing that really shocked me was this whole waiting game of if you liked me, and then we go on a date or whatever and then when you text me I have to wait a couple of days before I respond to you just to show you I am not desperate. If I liked I would text back immediately and that’s the mentality I came with to the streets but later on, I learnt that there is this whole waiting game. I honestly think that there should be a workshop for guys who are coming out of marriage, just to train them and have them transition smoothly,” he suggests.

Previous Marriage

From a chance encounter at a Blankets and Wines event to a grand proposal on live television, Victor Peace and Cece Sagini’s love story unfolded with the flair of a fairytale romance.

However, as the curtains closed on their four-year marriage, Victor bared his soul, revealing the underlying doubts and rushed decisions that clouded their union.

“I think I rushed into marriage, I was young,” he conceded.

Despite the dissolution of their marital bond, Victor and Cece emerged with an enduring friendship.