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Exclusive: Lulu Hassan explains why she keeps a small circle of friends

Lulu Hassan, the CEO of Jiffy Pictures and a renowned media personality has disclosed the key to her peaceful existence despite her long-standing presence in the public sphere.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the mother of three shared her strategy of keeping her inner circle small, thereby avoiding unnecessary drama.

“I maintain a very limited circle of friends. Too many people around can lead to complications and conflicts. I also prioritise my family and a select few friends who contribute positively to my growth,” she remarked.

“If I sense a relationship isn’t beneficial, I don’t hesitate to move on.”

Regarding her interactions in the media industry, Lulu clarified that she maintains professional relationships with her colleagues, distinguishing them from personal friendships.

“They are colleagues,” she emphasised.

“It’s essential to understand that once work ends, they may not be there for you. Only a small percentage of them transcend professional boundaries to become genuine friends. Just happen you fall sick, that is when you will know you don’t have friends in the industry.”

Reflecting on her successful career trajectory, Lulu attributed her achievements to consistency.

“I strive for excellence in everything I do and prioritize maintaining a consistent performance,” she affirmed.

Lulu Hassan also unveiled her latest project, a distinctive Indian show presented entirely in Swahili, featuring a cast of Tanzanian individuals fluent in the language.

“This is a truly unique show,” Lulu remarked.

“While Swahili is commonly adapted for various projects, we’ve gone a step further by ensuring that all participants are native Swahili speakers from Tanzania.”

Reflecting on her legacy, Lulu expressed her desire to leave a lasting impact as both a journalist and an inspiration to aspiring journalists.

“I aspire to be remembered as one of Kenya’s finest journalists,” she stated, “but more importantly, I want to serve as a source of inspiration for upcoming journalists, motivating them to surpass my achievements.”