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Lulu Hassan: I got the real deal in Rashid Abdallah as my hubby

Celebrated Swahili TV presenter Lulu Hassan says of the many achievements and blessings that have come her way, she is most proud of her husband and fellow TV presenter Rashid Abdallah.

The couple, which co-anchors Swahili bulletins on Citizen TV , also runs a film production company, Jiffy Pictures, that has churned a number of notable Swahili telenovelas, the latest being Zari.

“I am most proud of my husband. He never sleeps, in terms of production. He is the brainchild of all those successful shows we have produced. At times I sympathise with him for working so hard and putting in the shifts,” Lulu says.

But on the flip side, I always smile and say to myself, ‘I actually did bag myself a proper husband, a real deal of a husband’,” she says.

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Zari, which is barely a year old on the TV screens, has been attracting good ratings, something Lulu attributes to two things.

“We have changed a little bit how we do the story line. If you happen to watch Zari and our previous shows, you will notice what I am talking about. We don’t let the story line drag for long because the audience get tired when you do that. We have learnt that by reviewing feedback from our fans,” she says.

Another aspect is the choice of their casting.

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“The cast in Zari are fan favorites. They are loved by the masses. You always want to keep such people simply because if they are loved, then many will want to watch them and that’s what we need as producers,” she says.

Renowned actresses Sarah Hassan and Brenda Wairimu are among the leading characters in Zari.

Wairimu bagged the Best Supporting Actress in a TV Drama at the recent Kalasha Film and TV Awards, while Sarah walked home with the Best Lead Actress in a TV Drama.