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Kenyan power couple to return home Sh12m richer

The new sports power couple will return home at least Sh12 million richer after winning Paris marathon on Sunday.

It was a fairy tale for Paul Lonyangata and his wife Purity Rionoripo who both stormed into the finish lines of their respective races to bag at least Sh6.3 million ($63,000) each, Paris marathon’s first prize.

In order to claim your prize , you not only have to finish first, but also must meet a time requirement; the champion male runner must complete the race in under 2hr 11min 45sec, and the top female needs a time under 2:23:15, according to

Lonyangata, 25, recorded his biggest career win in a time of two 2hr 6min 10sec, while Rionoripo, 23, managed 2hr 20min 50sec.

“It’s great for my wife, I’m very proud of her,” said Lonyangata.

“I’m so happy, it’s a great day for me to win and to beat my personal best,” added Rionoripo.

A photograph later showed Lonyangata on one knee presenting a bouquet of flowers to Rionoripo.

In the men’s race, Stephen Chebogut came in second at 2hr 6min 56sec, with Solomon Yego completing the all-Kenyan podium in third at 2hr 7min 13sec.

In the women’s race Rionoripo was followed across the line by her compatriot Agnes Barsosio at 2hr 21:02 with Flomena Cheyech (2hr 21:23.) completing the podium.

The second prize is Sh3.8 million ($38,000) and the third prize is Sh2.5 million ($25,000).