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Kenyans dare CA on threat to block sim cards over Huduma Namba non-registration

Communications Authority (CA) on Thursday announced that Kenyans who will fail to obtain the Huduma Namba by the time the May 18 deadline elapses will have their sim cards blocked.

CA Director-General Francis Wangusi said after the registration drive the authority will liaise with mobile telephone service providers to ensure all subscribers who have not complied with the directive are switched off.

His sentiments, he said, were backed by government efforts to curb cyber-crime arguing that Kenyans ought to take the registration seriously.

But online, Kenyans expressed their displeasure with the Authority’s threat and some even dared the authority and the government to block their communication gadgets.

“How are phones connected to that huduma thing? More than 30 million Kenyans will not have sim cards ??,” Enyuku Julie Enyuku questioned.

“They are free to switch off but my question is, how are these two connected? Am not boarding into Huduma chieth,” Marassi Ezra wrote.

“Am just waiting for the day that KRA will come out and state that ‘people who didn’t register for the huduma number won’t be able to pay taxes’,” Benjamin Musili stated.

“The problem is with Safaricom and Airtel. They will lose customers. I won’t and will not register. Have never used that railway they built and I know I won’t stay in the affordable housing,” Rashford Reds commented.

“They can’t, they have no rights mobile providers wataenda loss kubwa meaning business will be slow…once a business is slow then people will be laid off…just adding numbers of unemployment in Kenya,” Obara Abby wrote.

“Sasa hizi simu na line zenye tumejinunulia na pesa zetu zinahusiana wapi na huduma number?” Lucia Waantonia questioned.

“We are still not boarding. Court said it’s not a must!” Aenid Kathambi retorted.

“Am not boarding, they can even come and collect the roads and other government facilities that I use,” Wa Ndetto stated.

“Kwani wats the urgency with this huduma number? Corruption scandal looming,” Anne Nugent Njesh commented.

“Mimi bado nangojea ile directive ya ‘kama hautachukua huduma number, serikali haitakubali ushuru yako’,” Mundu Muiru stated.

“? ? ? This is the best thing the government has done so far. Tala, branch, o kash, m shwari mtapata taabu na skiptrace zebu ? ?,” Maria Simons wrote

“They have now resorted to blackmailing their own citizens!” Bobby Nyawanda retorted.