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KERRA accountant fights for access to Sh21 million ‘dowry’ frozen by court

A man whose Sh21 million ‘dowry’ account was frozen by the Ethics and Anti Corruption (EACC) has sought orders to unfreeze it.

Daniel Munywoki Wambua, an accountant at the Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KERRA), has asked lady Justice Esther Maina to vacate the orders she made to stop transactions on August 10, 2023.

He says access is required towards the accounts so he can be in a position to pay dowry for his wife.

In a suit filed under certificate of urgency by lawyers Danstan Omari and Matina Swiga, Mr Wambua accuses the EACC of misrepresenting facts about the frozen account.

Wambua, in a 54 paragraph affidavit, says he was scheduled to pay dowry on August 5, 2023, but the ceremony was frustrated after the High Court froze the account which had Sh21m.

Omari and Swiga further explain that the money frozen in the account was accrued from contributions by about 950 of Mr Wambua’s friends and well wishers.

The proceeds were to be channeled towards his dowry and wedding ceremony.

The lawyers further state that the EACC told the court that Mr Wambua was involved in money laundering, a claim that is false and totally misleading.

“A constitutional body that is involved in assisting men to fight for women they intend to marry, has no business but be disbanded.” said Omari in the court pleadings.

The lawyer is praying to have the case heard expeditiously since Wambua wants to ‘exchange vows with his sweetheart’ as soon as possible.

Besides working for KERRA, Omari told court that Mr Wambua is a man of means.

The accused reportedly is an established farmer in Matuu with interests in Livestock rearing, vegetable farming and bee keeping.

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