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Koffi Olomide’s drama that might hinder him from performing in Kenya

Congolese music legend Koffi Olomide, known for his vibrant performances and occasional controversies, arrived in Kenya on Wednesday, December 6, with high spirits.

He expressed gratitude to the Kenyan government for allowing him into the country.

However, the excitement was short-lived as promoters Jules Nsana and Noah Auma Muga promptly served Olomide with a demand letter seeking compensation for a tumultuous 2016 show that ended in chaos.

The incident in question took place in 2016 when Olomide, in a public spectacle, kicked and slapped one of his dancers, leading to his immediate deportation from Kenya.

In a demand letter seen by Nairobi News, promoters Nsana and Muga, through their legal representation Thiong’o Gachaga of Githumbi & Achoki Advocates, are demanding a total refund of USD 50,032 (Sh7,669,905) and an additional Sh1,410,000, along with accrued interest from the date of the performance to the full payment.

The promoters claim to have fulfilled all contractual obligations, including deposits, airfare, accommodation, transport charges, and venue fees.

Despite their efforts to recover the funds since 2016, the promoters allege that Olomide has been elusive and unresponsive, leading to the issuance of the demand letter.

The promoters emphasize that the loss of expected earnings from the canceled event was a direct result of Olomide’s actions.

The current promoters are yet to respond to the demand letter.

Olomide’s Controversial History

This incident is not the first time Koffi Olomide has faced accusations of assaulting his staff.

The Lingala king’s controversial career has been marked by several such instances:

  1. Assaulting His Producer (2012): Olomide received a three-month suspended prison sentence for assaulting his producer over a financial dispute.
  2. Rape Allegations (2012): Charged with three counts of rape and illegal confinement, Olomide faced accusations from three former backup dancers, including one minor.
  3. Assaulting a Journalist (2013): Arrested in Zambia for assaulting a freelance journalist at a hotel during one of his shows.
  4. Backstage Slap (2013): Accused of slapping one of his female dancers backstage after a show in 2013.
  5. 2016 Incident: The most recent controversy where he kicked and slapped a dancer upon his arrival in Kenya, leading to immediate deportation.