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Koskei: Ruto ‘not happy’ with corruption among police

The National Police Service has been put on notice over the reported increase of corrupt activities.

Head of Public Service Felix Koskei, in a meeting with senior police officers, indicated his office had received several complaints over reported corruption taking place within the force.

Koskei also explained that President William Ruto ‘is not happy with the reports that the Police force is among the most corrupt’.

He explained that statistics show a police officer receives between Sh972 and Sh15,396 as bribes on a daily basis in order to ‘offer free services to Kenyans’.

For instance, Kenyans seeking P3 forms are expected to pay Sh15, 396.

Meanwhile, police officers reportedly request for an average of Sh13,187 in order to release suspects from custody.

Those seeking a police abstract are asked to pay Sh12,891 while release of impounded goods will likely set one back by Sh10,576.

At the same time, following up on a case will set one back by about Sh10,476 while police protection costs atleast 4,442.

Those reporting a crime are reportedly asked for a bribe of 2,035 for police to record their statement.

These figures come weeks after the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) released a report indicating the Police lead in bribery in the country at 82.1 percent.

“We cannot continue this way and hope to become a prosperous country. Let me repeat, the President has pronounced a ruthless war against corruption. He is leading this war with boldness and resolve,” said Koskei.

The government said the war on corruption is taking a different route, where no one will be protected for taking or aiding corruption.

“There will be no protection for officers involved in corruption. Neither will there be a place to hide or sacred cows. Accountability will be down to the individual level.”

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Japhet Koome recently admitted traffic police are leading in corruption, and that he has been tempted several times to take the bribe but he declined.

In a media interview, Koome did not name the police officers who attempted to bribe him. Neither did he specify which actions he had taken against the bribe givers.

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