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KOT blast Kenya Power for major blackout in the country

Kenyans on Twitter on Monday morning bashed the Kenya Power company for a power outage experienced in different parts of the country on Monday morning.

Some parts of Nairobi woke up to no electricity, causing KOT to seek answers from the electricity company for the blackout that affected many businesses.

A tweet from Kenya Power explained the cause of the blackout as a technical fault at Ndenderu substation that cut off supplies from Olkario to the city, coast and Mt Kenya region.

Power supply has since been restored to most parts of Nairobi City and Mount Kenya region.

“ We are now in the process of normalising supplies to Coast Region,” said the Company’s General Manager for Network Management, Eng. Daniel Tare.

Kenyans through the hashtag #KenyaPower aired their frustrations over the incident.