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KOT describe ‘kuku Kienyeji’ ladies

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) have coined the kuku Kienyeji name for ladies who show wifely characteristics, and especially those from rural areas.

The KOT have described these Kienyeji ladies as conservative, home keepers, and submissive to name but a few of their characteristics.

This kienyeji word, in reference the ladies has been ranking high on Twitter trends with others saying that their counterparts are broilers.

The Kienyeji ladies are associated with Uganda ladies who are respectful, detailed, and keen in ensuring their husbands are properly satisfied.

KOT did not shy away from detailing their experiences with Kienyeji ladies, with others stating that ladies once scammed them while others praised the species of Kienyeji ladies.

Additionally, there were Kenyans who felt that the broilers were the to-go-to claiming it is better the devil you know than the angel you’ve come across.