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#KOT lose diplomatic touch in attack on President Kagame

Kenyans on Twitter on Tuesday descended on Rwandese President Paul Kagame after he told a Kenyan to let his country be.

A Kenyan twitter user @levikones had tweeted President Kagame on Monday, “@PaulKagame I really hope sir, you will not ruin your legacy by being President for life.”

The statement was a reply to the President’s tweet in which he thanked his team for what he called ‘the Unbreakable Rwandan spirit.”

President Kagame, who has over 1 million followers on the social media platform, responded to the Kenyan, “@levikones worry more about your own legacy …if you got any at all to think about!”

It was a response that rubbed the overzealous Kenyans on Twitter, known for being vocal, to create a trending hashtag #SomeoneTellKagame.

Concerns have however emerged on whether #KOT activism should include delving into affairs of regional neighbours.

In the past, the twitter community in Kenya has been mentioned by international media as among the most vibrant in Africa.

In Tuesday’s trending hashtag #SomeoneTellKagame, Kenyans and Rwandese citizen exchanged barbs over the proposed referendum that seeks to clear the way for President Kagame to run for a third term.

A Rwandese user @PGihana who replied to the Kenyan citizen tweeted, “@levikones @PatrickNganji you just got served by one of the best. We are actually advocating as citizens for him to have a 3rd term. Rwanda.”

Kones had to apologise after Rwandese termed his reply to their Head of State as having been rude, he tweeted, “@Munyangeyo3 @PatrickNganji I have apologized. Poleni sana.”

Mihayo Richard @Munyangengo3 accepted the apology tweeting, “@levikones @PatrickNganji Tumeisha poa! Next tym tht u feel lyk tweeting to a Statesman, wait until u r sober!”


Some Kenyans however faulted the trending hashtag, terming it as misplaced priorities as @RamzZy tweeted, “No, Someone start a #SomeoneTellPastorNganga or #SomeoneTellUhuru Hash tag again. Anything but #SomeoneTellKagame as a hash tag. PRiorities.”