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Kush Tracey reveals the ‘real reason’ why she got saved

February 10th, 2019 1 min read

Failed relationships which turned her suicidal is the real reason why Kush Tracey chose to get saved a few weeks ago, the female rapper has now confessed.

Tracey, who first came into limelight with her Huwezi Nidandia hit – remix of Kristoff’s Nadandia – has disclosed that she got to a very low point in life before she got saved.

“I almost committed suicide because of depression but I thank my mother for always being there for me. I had failed relationships, I had been used and my life was just in a mess,” Tracey said.

She has also narrated how nothing seemed to be working in life for her and that she had also grown tired of being a party animal.


“I also got tired of the kind of life I was living. I can’t event count the number of times I got home (from partying and drinking) without knowing how got there,” she said.

But Tracey, who once dated fellow rapper Timmy Tdat, insists her salvation was bound to happen.

She believes every hurdle she faced in life, before getting saved, prepared her to serve the Lord.

Tracey has already released her first gospel song, Wolova, featuring L Jay Masaai.