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Matatus to pay heavy price for using non-designated bus stops in Nairobi

February 10th, 2019 1 min read

Matatus picking up and dropping off passengers from non-gazetted pick up and drop off points within Nairobi City Centre will be impounded starting Monday.

This comes after Nairobi County government issued a notice to matatu operators to ensure that their vehicles stop using the illegal pick up and drop off points but only those gazetted by the county government.

Nairobi County Director of Parking Services Tom Tinega said that the matatus have created illegal pick up and drop off points in areas not gazetted by the City County and especially within the Central Business District (CBD) as per the law.


This, according to Mr Tinega, has brought about chaos and unnecessary traffic jams leading to huge financial losses and loss of valuable man-hours.

“This is to inform that only gazetted drop off points would be allowed and all non gazetted drop off points have been suspended with immediate effect,” said Mr Tinega.

He identified some of the illegal pick up and drop off points as being along Tom Mboya Street and Moi Avenue.

“Some have been illegally given letters and some operate by protection of cartels but we will impound them,” he said.