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Ms Cashy now exposes Khaligraph’s ugly side during their troubled relationship

February 10th, 2019 1 min read

Rapper Ms Cashy has revealed more damning details of her bitter breakup with fellow rapper Khaligraph Jones, with claims that other than physical abuse, she left her ex-boyfriend because he was cheating on her with ‘sponsors’ who were financing his lifestyle.

Ms Cashy’s latest claims come a day after she promised to spill the beans on why their relationship ended.

“It’s really sad that a woman has to always be at fault in the eyes of the society. It’s not something I want to carry around anymore as such, here’s the truth. I left Brian Ouko (Khaligraph Jones) I didn’t do any of those things that you hear gossip about,” Ms Cashy said via social media

The female rapper has also dismissed rumours that their relationship hit a snag after she found sponsors.

“Though I can’t say the same about him. I was not the one with a million sides and sponsors,” she said.


She went on to reveal that after dumping Khaligraph, the rapper and some of his family members sent her threats.

“I received a lot of threats after that, not just from him, but his people as well. Some of which I had to report to relevant authorities,” the rapper said.

Ms Cashy further claims that after they parted ways, Khaligraph recorded a distrack song and video which he intended to release last year on Valentine’s Day but never did so.

She also cited the other reason she walked way from the relationship was because Khaligraph kept discouraging her from going to school and work.