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Ladies, eight ways to look like a millionaire even when you’re not

We are living in the age of appearances. Who you appear to be matters just as much as if not more than who you actually are. Looking as if you are worth a million dollars will certainly open doors for you. Here’s every woman’s guide to looking like a CEO;

1. Pay attention to the details – So maybe you have observed the rules and invested in that one outfit that you would wear if you were to make the business deal of your life in just a few hours. That great look might come undone if you do not pay attention to your accessories. How does your phone case look? How about your hair clip? Is that a plastic ring on your finger?

2. Your fragrance – That strong scent that women leave behind long after they are gone, that is not a millionaire’s scent. Look for a mild scent, one with character. In case you are wondering if your perfume is too strong, take a simple test. Can you smell it on you as you walk? Yes? Then it is too strong.

3. Wear heels – Heels ooze of power and boldness. They also alter a woman’s posture making her look more confident. You do not have to wear heels every single day of your life but you will need to wear them when you are meeting people you are keen on making an impression on.

4. The casual look – If you are going to look like a boss lady, you need to understand that the casual look does not mean that you look sloppy. It means that you dress down a little bit while maintaining that powerful look. No, smart casual does not mean dressing up in ripped faded jeans that are now popular in Nairobi. A millionaire dresses down by putting on a more colorful dress or substituting your fitting official dress with a playful but smart skater dress.

5. Get rid of accent – That American accent you picked up when you lived in America for a couple of months is not doing you any good. Do not try imitating accents as they only make you look fake.

6. Get a good tailor – Good designer clothes will cost you a lot of money which you might not have. All is not lost though. Taking some time out to find a good tailor will pay you back. They can make you unique well-fitting pieces which will give you the image you want to put out.

7. Wear pearls – Everyone can wear gold and silver but not everyone can dare to wear pearls. There is just something very powerful about a simple pearl necklace. Something that makes you look like a millionaire.

8. Take care of your skin– Yes, the state of your skin speaks volumes about you. What you are aiming for is healthy looking radiant skin. The easiest way of achieving this is getting enough sleep. Then watch what you put in your mouth. You can also take up a skin care regimen with cheap natural ingredients.