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Here’s the latest twist to Itumbi’s ‘demotion’

Dennis Itumbi has revised his Twitter bio and gotten rid of the digital director title in the wake of State House’s release of a list of official accounts for the Presidency’s online communication.

Itumbi’s initial bio, until recently read, “Director, Digital Innovations & Diaspora Communication State House.”

His new bio currently reads, “Kenyan Journalist, Digital Strategist&Blogger – Currently Secretary Digital. Innovations&Diaspora Comms.”

The change in description comes in the backdrop of reports that he is no longer operating from State House.

Itumbi was among four other directors Munyori Buku (public communications), Eric Ng’eno (messaging), James Kinyua (branding and events) and Munira Mohammed who were reported to have been evicted from State House.

According to the grapevine, the team had been redeployed to Deputy President William Ruto’s office at Harambee Annex.

Itumbi has always steered clear of commenting on the reports instead offering a philosophical comment to Nairobi News.