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Leaked: Explosive audio of high school teacher’s heated exchange with parent

A disturbing audio clip has surfaced on social media where a teacher from Rang’ala Boys’ High School is heard exchanging unprintable words with a parent.

The teacher, only identified as Mr Apudo, can be heard telling off the parent for allegedly not reading a newsletter that was issued when the school closed for the holidays.

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When the parent retorts that he is not a student, Mr Apudo launches a scathing attack, accusing the parent of not taking education seriously and failing to respond to reminders sent by the school.

The exchange quickly turns ugly as the parent cautions Mr Apudo against his abusive language and reminds him that he is a graduate who underwent a four-year university course.

“So since I am a teacher I should just sit and watch you abusing me?” the teacher responds before the parent questions how he had abused him.

Despite this, Mr Apudo continues to hurl insults, even faulting the parent for referring to himself as a person who works in the fields.

He further accuses the parent of never saying anything positive in the class WhatsApp group and blames him for his son’s reluctance to interact with teachers.

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The parent then tells the teacher that he can even pull down the class WhatsApp group if that is his wish.

The audio clip has caused outrage on social media, with many users condemning Mr Apudo’s conduct and calling for swift action against him.

Some have also expressed concern over the country’s education state and the need for a more respectful and professional approach to teaching.

In response to the audio clip, Rang’ala Boys’ High School has issued a statement condemning the incident and promising to investigate the matter.

The school has also urged parents to maintain a cordial relationship with teachers and work together to ensure their children’s success.

The audio clip serves as a wake-up call for all stakeholders in the education sector to promote a culture of mutual respect and professionalism, which is essential for creating a conducive learning environment.

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