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List: 22 protected areas Miss Trudy should know of before filming content

For the better part of yesterday, YouTube content creator Miss Trudy, born Gertrude Njeri, trended after she uploaded a viral video of herself facing off with airport authorities at the Mombasa International Airport where she was filming content.

She was found interviewing someone on camera while blocking the airport entrance and when an airport authority asked them to move, she caused drama, claiming she was doing nothing wrong and nothing illegal for creating content.

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This was after the authority sent for a police officer to arrest her. Nairobi News previously reported that Miss Trudy in fact had broken the law by filming in a protected security zone where photography was prohibited and not obeying directions from airport law enforcement authorities.

According to the Protected Areas Act Chapter 204, a protected area refers to any area, place or premises where special precaution is taken to prevent the entry or unauthorized persons without permissions of the prescribed authority.

Any person who accesses these areas without express permission shall be guilty of an offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or to a fine not exceeding five thousand shillings, or to both such imprisonment and fine.

In light of this, Nairobi News lists the protected areas in Kenya we believe Miss Trudy should be conversant with should she plan to head out to create content for her social media accounts further.

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The Protected Areas Order, of 1976, lists the following areas as protected areas:

  1. Facilities and premises used by the President including State House, State Lodges and his residences and Harambee House and its Annex where the President and his deputy have offices respectively.
  2. Kenya Army Headquarters at Waterworks Camp, Hill Estate
  3. All Military Barracks in Kenya including those in Kenyatta, Langata, Lanet, Nakuru, Nyali and Nanyuki
  4. Kenya Army Ammunition Depots in Gatharaini, Nairobi, and Gilgil in Nakuru
  5. Kahawa Garrison
  6. Army Camps including those in Nanyuki, Wajir, Garissa, Mandera, Isiolo, Garba Tulla and Moyale
  7. Facilities used by Ministers
  8. The National Youth Service
  9. The Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)
  10. Kenya Air Force Aerodomes in Eastleigh ad Nanyuki
  11. Kenya Naval Bases in Mombasa
  12. The National Youth Service Camps across the country
  13. Directorate of Criminal Investigation Headquarters
  14. Police Dog Section Headquarters
  15. Police training colleges
  16. Police Motor Transport Workshops in Nyahururu and Muranga
  17. National Police premises
  18. Around Central Bank of Kenya premises
  19. Around Kenyatta International Convention Center
  20. All Kenyan airports
  21. All foreign Embassies
  22. United Nations offices in Gigiri

The list is extensive.

Photography is prohibited in these areas due to security concerns among several other rules and regulations.

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