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List of top celebrities listed as Wilkins Fadhili’s clients in brand strategy scam

Fadhili Wilkins, a self-proclaimed brand development expert, has been trending online after it emerged that he had fraudulently listed top Kenyan celebrities among his client in order to spruce up his portfolio.

Wilkin, the CEO of Fashion Torch Africa, was named among Kenya’s top 40 entrepreneurs in 2015 and invited to be one of the mentors at Blaze by Safaricom.

His scam of taking undue credit for managing the brands of Kenyan celebrities was exposed over the weekend by BBC’s Larry Madowo.

Wilkins on Sunday apologized to his victims after some of the celebrities spoke out online and threatened to sue him.

In his defense, Wilkins said he was using celebrities to show clients what he can do, adding “I went overboard and this backfired on me properly.”

Here are some of the celebrities Wilkins used in his portfolio without their consent.

1. Larry Madowo
He was the first one to out the entrepreneur after he shared a photo of him moderating an international panel discussion and captioned that he could develop personal brands to compete globally.

2. Elani Muziki
The music group was among Wilkins victims after he had last year updated on his page that he was working with them to understand their audience, manage their music and shape their content.

3. Adelle Onyango
Wilkins used the radio presenter’s name to attract clients by lying how he was managing her brand. When Adele contacted him, he swiftly deleted the posts but never apologized.

4. Willis Raburu
Wilkins had listed the TV presenter among the brands he developed until Raburu came out to say he was not being managed by Wilkins.

5. Betty Kyallo
The sassy presenter admitted to having had one meeting with Wilkins but nothing was agreed on. He later used a photo they took in the meeting to claim he was her brand strategist. When Betty confronted him he never retracted nor apologized.

6.Julius Yego
The javelin athlete had been listed among the celebrity clients and was unaware of his listing until Wilkins started trending and he was asked to clarify. Yego said he had neither heard nor met Wilkins.