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Makena Njeri on attracting younger ladies, love for ‘older’ women

Celebrity journalist Makena Njeri is not yet done breaking hearts in the streets of Nairobi, and she continues to prove just how effective her charm is. 

In a recent hilarious TikTok video by the former BBC journalist, she uses a popular sound of a man falling from a tall building where in the video she’s seen looking at him unbothered with a caption that reads, “Young girls falling for me knowing I like ‘em older. Ouch!”

The Bold Network Chief Executive was cornered by several of her followers who were quick to point out that she could have been referring to her ex-lover Marini Naturals CEO Mitchelle Ntalami, with whom they parted ways on bad terms. 

However, as bad as their break up may have been, Ntalami made it public that she had no resentment towards her ex-lover despite the state of affairs they were in. 

News of the former couple broke the internet in 2021 after Ntalami, in a series of posts on her social media said that they broke up after serial infidelity from her partner.

She explained that she had chosen to protect the identity of her ex but Kenyans on social media have been speculating.

After their break up, Ntalami was vocal about her healing process much unlike Makena who tried her very best to avoid the topic of her failed relationship with the Instagram influencer. 

Nonetheless, Ntalami once long after her break up with Makena got candid about her relationships and what she had learned from them. She revealed that she had gone through so much pain in her last two relationships.

One of her fans praised her for having a beautiful heart filled with love. The fan also told her that she should not let anyone hurt her heart again as it would be worse than what she had ever experienced.

When asked if she was ready to date, Michelle Ntalami had an interesting take on the whole dating environment. She affirmed that she was ready to date again after previously failing at it but followed up with conditions.

“I do. But not in/from Nairobi. Kanairo will show you things my friend,” Michelle Ntalami said. She emphasized that she was ready to date but not anyone in what she insinuated is a tough dating scene in the capital.

As of the moment, neither Ntalami nor Makena has opened up about being in a new relationship. 

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