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Man arraigned for luring woman on Facebook to city then robbing, raping her

A man who reportedly lured a woman from Meru to Nairobi with the promise of a job but ended up raping and stealing from her has been arraigned in court.

Godfrey Maranga Nyakundi who met his victim on Facebook is facing three counts of indecent assault, robbery with violence, and rape.

State prosecutor Anderson Gikunda told chief magistrate Martha Mutuku that on February 8, 2021, in Kibera within Nairobi county the suspect intentionally and unlawfully assaulted the woman sexually.

Gikunda also said Nyakundi robbed the complainant of her mobile phone valued at Sh16,000.

According to court documents on 4th February 2021, the complainant opened her Facebook accounts and got a message from someone named Hanuman Hanuman Singh asking her if she wanted a job.

The complainant asked him which kind of a job and he told her she would be working at a supermarket as an attendant with a salary of Sh18,000 but the accused did not disclose the name of the supermarket.

The complainant agreed with the accused that she travels from Meru to Nairobi on February 6, 2021, so that he could connect her to a lady known as Kathure to accompany her to the workplace.

On February 6, the complainant did not make it to travel to Nairobi but on February 8, she managed to travel from Meru to Nairobi, and on her way, she called the accused but a female by the name of Kathure picked her call.

Upon reaching Nairobi, she called the accused who had unidentified himself as John who in turn directed her to Kibera from where he forcefully raped and robbed her.

She reported the matter at the nearby police post and sought treatment at Kibera south health centre and later made a report at Capitol Hill police station.