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Matatu crews defy Sonko’s five-minutes-in-CBD order – PHOTOS

The city centre continued to choke with long matatu queues on Monday despite a City Hall order allowing only two matatus per sacco into the CBD.

In an effort to decongest the city, City Hall had decalred that each matatu will be granted only five minutes in the allocated slots to drop and pick passengers.

On Monday, most matatu termini continued experiencing long matatu queues.

City Hall officials told Nairobi News that they are now implementing the plan in phases, starting with the Tea Room terminal.

Tom Mboya Street, where most matatu termini are located, was congested on Monday with stationary matatus occupying two lanes near the World Business Centre.

Some matatu saccos, like Super Metro whose terminal is located at Maragua Lane near the National Archives, had dozens of matatus waiting in line.

MSL Operators and Zuri Sacco, plying Kasarani and Zimmerman routes respectively, complied with the directive and ensured that they had only three matatus at their Beba Beba stage along Tom Mboya Street.

MSL Operators and Zuri Sacco matatus parked on Tom Mboya Street on May 28, 2018. PHOTO | DENNIS ONSONGO
MSL Operators and Zuri Sacco matatus parked on Tom Mboya Street on May 28, 2018. PHOTO | DENNIS ONSONGO

A matatu conductor told Nairobi News they were told by sacco officials to avoid Moi Avenue.

“Today when we were coming to town we thought we would drop off at Muranga road but no officer stopped us from accessing the CBD. We have however been regulated by the sacco and only hang around the stage if your vehicle is next in line to be filled up.

“If you are not next in line we usually drop off and drive back while trying to get passengers on our way back to Kasarani,” the conductor told Nairobi News.

In April, the county demolished all illegal structures in various bus termini to pave way for the ban of the matatus in the CBD.

On Monday, May 28, matatus plying from Thika, Limuru and Kiambu roads were to stop at Murang’a Road A and B, Ngara and Desai stages.

Those coming from Langata, Ngong and Mombasa roads were to go as far as Railways Bus Station, while those from Jogoo Road were to end their journey at Muthurwa.

Commuters from Waiyaki Way were to alight at the Westlands stage.