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Maxwell Mwamburi: Kenyan men are too stingy for my gay taste

By Winnie Mabel September 22nd, 2022 2 min read

Maxwell Mwamburi, who is openly gay, has revealed why he would never set his sights on Kenyan men. Reason? They are too stingy. Which is why he would never nurse a crush over any one of them.

“Sorry, but in Kenya I don’t have a crush!… Kenyan men are the brokest, stingy, entitled and controlling… that’s why I stick to my top government men,” he said on Instagram stories.

Mwamburi is a member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer plus community (LGBTQ)  and presents himself as a female.

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He enjoys all the trappings that comes with being a woman including donning glamorous makeup, spotting expensive hair, manicures, handbags, jewelry, clothes and shoes – as well as the stereotype that women enjoy money being spent on them by men.

Recently, he revealed he has secretly dated a senior Kenyan government official who introduced him to and maintains his lavish lifestyle.

Their first date was allegedly held at the prestigious Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel in Nairobi’s upmarket Westlands area. The unnamed lover allegedly bought Mwamburi a car and pays for him to live life like a ‘queen’.

“One thing about these strong powerful government people, they will give you heaven on earth as long as you keep them low-key hunnie. My first ride was this harrier! I have been Hunty wa Harrier long ago hunnie!” he said.

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Kenyan men are popularly stereotyped as being the stingiest men in Africa to the extent that locally, a Stingy Men Association of Kenya chapter was unofficially ‘launched’ as a joke and gained momentum.

“I….. solemnly swear, to uphold the dignity of this great association with due diligence, to never give assistance by any means of financial exploitation to the other gender, to respect and uphold the constitution of this great association. So help me god,” reads the group’s oath.

Their motto was revealed as ‘let me see what I can do’ incase a woman came asking them for money.

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