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‘Mchele’ chronicles: In case you get drugged…

With cases of men being drugged at night clubs proliferating, one Kenyan man has offered some remedies that could be greatly helpful, especially if you are driving.

His suggestion? Have reliable people on speed dial who can come to your rescue once you raise an alert.

Additionally, he cautioned motorists  to be careful around strangers, to choose open public places when they smell a rat and cause drama if need be.

“In case you are driving, park on the road, put on the hazard’s lights and request the culprits to get out as you check the mechanical issue. Immediately they step out, lock the car till help comes,” he offered.

Narrating his own experience of being drugged while new in the taxi business in 2020, the man revealed how a quick text to his friend saved his life.

“Upon reaching the destination where I would pick my regular clients, I was hungry so I popped in a nearby cafe. I saw this short petite brown girl making her way in to the cafe. She came straight to me and requested if she could join me, of course I couldn’t resist the company,” he narrated.

Having had a brief chat, the man’s clients called him and he left after exchanging numbers with this girl who had charmed his heart.

“She booked me the following day to drive her anywhere she could go and have fun. She was home alone and bored. So we agreed that I pick her up the following day,” he continued.

The next day, the man met the lady at the agreed time and place.

“After around 5 mins she joined me. We took our snacks that she offered to pay and we left. On the way we met this slim guy, he looked familiar. You know like those Kenyan celebs. They hugged and talked briefly, so I excused them. The guy joined us. The lady told me that the guy was her childhood friend and that they were family friends. She wanted him to come with us so I agreed.”

As he was driving to joining the road, the man says he started feeling dizzy and his tongue became heavy.

“I removed my phone, texted my friend who at the time was working at DOD. He called me back and gave me instructions on what to do coz he had suspected the duo were ‘mchele’ gang.”

After feigning the mechanical problem, the friend arrived with cops.

“The culprits were found trying to wake me up by knocking the doors but I was dead a sleep. They were arrested and I was rushed to hospital. I slept for two days. Luckily, nothing had been stolen from me and the ‘pishori’ gang spent the weekend in the cells.”

Over the last few days, Kenyan men, who have at one time fallen victims to drink spiking have been sharing their experiences online.

While most of them stated that they were drugged while enjoying life in night clubs, many noted that they were being drugged by women.

In most cases victims end up losing cash and other belongings, although stories of fatal incidents have been also been shared.