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MDQ criticises Kenyans’ complaining about expensive concert tickets

Entrepreneur and rapper Muthoni The Drummer Queen says she finds Kenyans disingenuous whenever they complain about expensive tickets to concert events like her Blankets and Wine.

“I don’t know what we usually think when we buy tickets, and it only happens in music. You never have that problem when you buy a plane ticket,” MDQ said, “First of all, the way we (Blankets & Wine) have built it, the tickets have to cover the cost of the music and the experience. When you go to a gig you want clean toilets, good security, a great line-up and all these things cost money. So as an organiser, you have to work out the total cost and then divide that by how many people you need to pay at a certain price point to cover the total cost.”

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She added, “Tickets cover all those things and so it’s really disingenuous for a user to think because it’s a certain artist I shouldn’t pay so much. Well, what about these other things that you need at the concert for your experience that don’t cost you?”

“Sometimes we tell ourselves lies as consumers, and I think it comes from this understated belief that music should be somehow cheap. Guys, stop it, entertainment costs money,” says MDQ.

Renowned for her electrifying beats and fearless approach to music, MDQ is making waves with her latest EP titled “Monsoon.”

The three-track EP is a vibrant fusion of sounds, showcasing Muthoni’s unique style she affectionately dubs “Ustaarabu,” a nod to her East African roots.

In a recent interview, the “Mikono Kwenye Hewa” singer revealed her inspiration behind the EP, citing her love for pop music as the driving force. With a desire to infuse coastal Kiswahili elements into her work, Muthoni expertly blends diverse musical influences, from traditional kapuka rhythms to infectious Afrobeats.

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Despite her undeniable talent and passion for music, Muthoni’s journey to success wasn’t without its challenges. Recounting her early struggles, she opened up about the resistance she faced from her family, particularly her mother, who had envisioned a career in diplomacy for her daughter.

In a candid conversation with Barack Bukusi on the “Financially Incorrect” podcast, Muthoni revealed the tension between her aspirations and her family’s expectations. She humorously recalled her mother’s initial disbelief, sharing anecdotes of being referred to as “unemployed” while pursuing her musical dreams.

“I can understand…you spent guap (money) putting somebody through USIU for International Relations, she is like ah my daughter the diplomat, then I’m just like yeah I just wanna sing a song, play drums, some raps,” Muthoni shared.