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Mejja was ‘afraid’ he’d never sing again after throat infection

Gengetone artist Mejja has made a comeback to the music scene after a break due to a throat infection.

The singer opened up to radio presenter Massawe Japanni about how he felt depressed when his voice took longer to recover.

Mejja said he struggled to perform in one of his shows in Australia due to pain which also led to the loss of voice.

“I used to perform while still in pain but the last show, I kept stopping and wanted to apologize to the people who had attended the show,” he said.

Mejja explained how he did a video in Dubai, but bloggers had already spread the news that he had cancelled the performance.

“I just felt like I didn’t give it my all. I wish I did the video while still in Kenya to control the narrative,” he said.

During his recovery, Mejja said he had to go through a process and therapy that involved pipes being put in his throat.

He said he couldn’t shout or talk for more hours.

He was taught how to breathe and what to use. He was also advised against using bhang, sugar, and alcohol.

“Nowaday, I boil it and add some honey instead of smoking it. I also don’t take certain fruits like pineapples, lemon, oranges, and milk anything that has acidity. Quiting sugar is the toughest thing,” he said.

Mejja also talked about his struggles with anxiety before releasing his recent song.

“I was depressed at that time because my voice was taking too long to come back. I used to strictly follow what the doctor advised at that time because I was afraid I could not sing again,” Mejja revealed.

Despite his struggles, Mejja wrote several songs during his recovery period which he promises to release in the near future.

He is set to perform at the Absa Kip Keino Classic

Mejja is promoting his new hit song, ‘Punguza Ego’.

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