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Meru politician Mike Makarina sparks controversy with lavish display of cash

Politician, Mike Makarina, has ignited a storm of controversy after flaunting wads of cash in a viral video on social media.

Makarina, known for his flamboyant lifestyle and outspoken demeanor, claimed to earn a staggering sH20 million daily, while also asserting his philanthropic contributions to the needy.

In the widely circulated video, Makarina is seen proudly displaying stacks of money, declaring, “Hii sasa ndio pesa ya wanaume. Umeona pesa ya wanaume.” (This is the money men deserve to have).

He further boasted of his financial prowess, stating, “I get Sh20 million a day, and I pay the government its taxes. Each month I use Sh300,000 to help those in need in Meru.”

The politician, who claimed ownership of multiple businesses and houses, dismissed any notions of financial dependency, boldly asserting:

“Whoever says I can borrow money from them should be ashamed. My four kids cannot even finish up this money I have.”

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Nairobi News could not immediately establish what led him to floss around.

In a recent announcement following a high-level meeting convened by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, the government described the rampant trade and consumption of illegal substances as a grave national security threat.

However, Makarina seemed to challenge the government’s stance on substance abuse, particularly regarding the closure of clubs in residential areas.

In another controversial video, he criticised the government’s actions, asserting:

“Take alcohol and let nobody stop you from taking alcohol. We can’t all fit in the church.”

The Kenyan government’s response to the proliferation of illicit substances has been resolute, with Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki emphasizing the severity of the situation.

“The trade, consumption, and abuse of illicit alcohol, narcotics drugs, and psychotropic substances now rank as one of the five key national security threats,” declared Kindiki in a statement after the meeting held at the Deputy President’s official residence.