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Michelle Ntalami: I am an extremist

Kenyan influencer and CEO of Marini Naturals, Michelle Ntalami, has, in a recent Instagram post, left her followers buzzing with excitement as she shared a captivating caption about her journey of self-transformation. 

The influential entrepreneur, known for her empowering messages and business prowess, left her Instagram family captivated with her candid reflections on personal growth.

In her post, Ntalami boldly stated, “One year later, this June feels very different for me. I’m the ‘most different’ I’ve ever been personality-wise. And I love it.”

With these words, she instantly grabbed attention, leaving her followers curious about the changes she has experienced.

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Known for her extreme nature, Ntalami confessed, “I’m an extremist. In the sense that there is never any ‘lukewarm’ with me.

Either I care, or I’m completely apathetic. Either I go hard, or I could never be bothered.

Either I ignore, or it’s war.” Her authenticity and raw honesty resonated with many, who could relate to the intensity of their own emotions and convictions.

But it wasn’t just her acknowledgment of her extremes that struck a chord with her followers. Ntalami went on to emphasize the significance of embracing these changes and the beauty of watching oneself morph into a new person.

She stated, “Sometimes in life you will try harder, and sometimes you will call it quits. Sometimes you will breathe, and sometimes you will snap. Both times, it’s perfectly okay AND healthy.”

Her words permitted her audience to navigate life’s complexities without judgment or self-criticism.

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Embracing her own journey of personal growth, Ntalami emphasized, “THERE IS NO FORMULA TO LIFE.”

With this statement, she shattered preconceived notions of a linear path to success, urging her followers to celebrate the uniqueness of their own transformative journeys.

Seeking to inspire self-reflection, Ntalami posed a thought-provoking question to her Instagram family, “What does ‘becoming you’ look like for you, compared to one year ago?”

She encouraged her followers not to overlook the changes they have undergone, urging them to “note them, internalize them, and understand what they’re trying to teach you.”

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