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Michelle Ntalami: No, I’m not dating Mario

Marini CEO Michelle Ntalami has brushed off claims that she is currently dating a woman by the name Mario.

Ntalami, who celebrated her birthday on Wednesday, said that Mario is not her new lover but a dear friend.

“Weh! Si my DMs are blowing up with the “I’m so happy for you” messages! No guys I’m not dating Mario. I was simply chauffeured and felt special in that moment because of a lot of other things. You guys are too quick, this is how you jump into conclusions,” she wrote on Instagram.

The rumours were sparked by a video shared by Ntalami capturing her being driven by Mario. The two appeared close with Mario holding Ntalami’s hand and kissing it.

“I feel loved again @chipmunk,” she captioned the video

In a separate photo Mario wrote: “I had to show up like a king for the queen @michelle.ntalami.”

Ntalami was recently involved in a messy public breakup with her long-term girlfriend Makena Njeri.

The two broke up last year with Ntalami accusing Makena of ‘serial infidelity’ with multiple partners including a public figure.

During a question and answer session on her Instagram page in March, Ntalami said that she was still healing from the breakup but she has moved on.

She further said she is not hurt by the fact that her ex-lover has moved on, rather she wishes her good tidings. Ever since the breakup, many fans have appeared concerned about her welfare.