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This is why Miguna is blocking some of his Twitter followers

Exiled politician Miguna Miguna has spent the past few days blocking some of his followers who have been posting divergent views on his Twitter handle.

The self-declared NRM General has justified his actions, saying he will not hesitate to block anyone who abuses him on his own platform adding that his Twitter handle is his “personal and private property.”

Miguna’s actions have however prompted diverse reactions on the social media platform.

Interestingly, Miguna too is known for sharing opinion in a not so humble manner.

For example, he continuously refers to the Jubilee administration as ‘despotic’ as well as accusing its top leadership of corruption among many other injustices.

He has also had very few good things to say about his friend-turned-foe Raila Odinga since his double deportation from Kenya.

He has even been blaming Mr Odinga for his failure to intercede for him despite the fact he took the bullet on behalf of the Nasa leader by
“commissioning his Oath of Office as the People’s President” at Uhuru Park on January 30, 2018.