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Mimi ni legend bila doo! Col Mustafa appreciates Kenyans in new hit

By Rajab Zawadi November 22nd, 2023 2 min read

From the ashes in an attempt to re-invent himself, rapper and singer Colonel Mustafa has bounced back again with a new gospel-themed song.

Dubbed Umenikumbuka (You have remembered me) Mustafa comes indebted with appreciation to his maker and fans for delivering him from brokenness.

In the song, Mustafa details his fall from grace to grass in an artistic manner, through the delivery of powerful vocals that marry so well with the beat. His lyrical prowess and outstanding rhyme flow a reminisce of the days he ruled the airwaves.

But for Umenikumbuka, Mustafa isn’t out to floss and show out as he used to do in most of his records.
This time the flair is less and the message is clear. He says thank you to God and his fans for the millions of shillings they contributed when news went out that he was now working at a construction site as a hand man having gone broke.

“Nilianguka kwenye msoto nikapotelea Mungu wangu alikuja akanitetea. Bila wema wako mimi ningetokomea. Navaa miwani usiku kuficha machozi, shida nimepitia siwezi kudoz. Mama mgonjwa mfukoni sina manoti kwenye muziki hakuna mashoo. Mimi ni legend bila doo (I fell into financial trouble but my God came through and bailed me out. Without your grace, I would have sunk. I put on spectacles to hide my tears. My mum is sick but my pockets are empty as I have no concerts. I am a legend without money)” Mustafa sings in part.

At the height of his fame, money flowed, and with it came frivolous pursuit among women and alcohol which Mustafa admitted and now regrets acknowledging that he misused good fortunes on those pursuits.

“I was young and reckless when I had money, now I’m older and wiser,” he noted in a previous interview.

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