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Minne Kariuki ready to settle feud with Ntalami out of court, on one condition

Real Housewives of Nairobi cast member Minne Kariuki is open to resolving her ongoing feud with social media influencer Mitchelle Ntalami outside of the courtroom.

However, she has one essential condition for an amicable settlement.

Minne has stated that she is willing to explore alternative avenues to reconcile their differences, provided that Ntalami issues a public apology to her.

The longstanding feud between the two women dates back to the production of Real Housewives of Nairobi Season 1.

Earlier this week, Ntalami initiated legal action against Minnie and the RHON production, accusing Minne of defamation. In response, Minne launched a counter-lawsuit against Ntalami for defamation.

In her counterclaim, Minne seeks compensation of Sh3 million from Ntalami for allegedly tarnishing her brand and reputation on social media through what she describes as a fictitious legal suit against her.

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Minne contends that Ntalami’s case is fictitious because she has yet to serve her with the suit documents formally. She further argues that Ntalami’s litigation of the fictitious case on social media has had a detrimental impact on her brand.

For these reasons, Minne is demanding the specified compensation of three million. She is prepared to pursue this claim in court if Ntalami does not meet the conditions outlined in her demand letter, including issuing a public apology.

Minne’s lawyer, Peter Njage, emphasised that his client is an influencer and public figure whose reputation is crucial to her career. He expressed that Ntalami’s dissemination of unchecked and malicious information has the potential to harm Minne’s livelihood.

Despite the damage already done, Njage indicated that they are willing to resolve the matter amicably without resorting to litigation. However, this hinges on Ntalami’s willingness to meet Minne’s conditions.

“Notwithstanding what has transpired, we believe that if she (Ntalami) could offer us an acceptable apology of equal magnitude to her broadcasting of the fictitious case, we could contemplate settling this matter through alternative dispute resolution. If she does not consider an apology or an out-of-court settlement, we will proceed to seek damages in court,” Njage added.

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