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Mkorogo Queen: Mummie Francie defends skin bleaching business on TikTok

Content creator and radio presenter Mummie Francie has claimed to be the first TikToker to start a business on the app in Kenya.

In an interview, Mummie revealed that Kenyan influencers started doing business on the application because of her. Mummie, who sells skincare products called ‘mkorogo’, says she is responsible for the fame of the name.

“When you hear the name mkorogo, you know Mummie Francie,” she said.

Mummie Francie
Mummie Francie

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Mummie has run a number of businesses in the application and always sets rules for her customers before they buy items from her.

Last year, she lamented the move by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) to ban 131 skin whitening products from the Kenyan market, saying they contained substances that should only be used on prescription.

The TikTok star began by sending a barrage of Swahili greetings to the Kenyan government, before adding her two cents on the matter and defending her mkorogo business.

“This concerns you because I am a vendor. As you see me here, this is not my original skin colour. Government, this light skin colour is not mine at all! This light skin is from bleaching products and it has helped me take care of my family”.

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She added: “This light skin has allowed me to do the things you see behind me. These things were built with money from selling bleach. Let me speak for myself, these bleaching products help me to feed my family by 70%. I am able to take care of my family.

Known as the clap-back queen, Mummie has responded countless times to critics who post negative comments on her page. She is known for being unapologetic and fighting fire with fire.

Tiktok star: Mummie Francie
Tiktok star: Mummie Francie

While she is loved and hated in equal measure, Mummie’s fame on the app exploded after she posted a video of herself dancing for her fiancé after he came home from work.

This then led to the hilarious videos she made with him, which caught people’s attention and got them on board.

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